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Authoring Learning

Students Co-Authoring Learning Aids as a tutoring method


FilmenThis method is the result of the search for a contemporary form of teaching that is able to provide a structured and sustainable accumulation of knowledge in students with and without disabilities.

The challenge faced by many special-needs schools, and in particular schools practising inclusion, is how to enable students with different learning abilities (cognitive / physiological deficits) to work together on a particular topic in a way that enables them to achieve the same contentual learning result.

To this end, co-authoring by students as a teaching method focuses on the following goals:

– to compensate for individual weaknesses
– to enable a cooperative and self-regulated form of tuition
– to be output and expertise oriented
– to create multifaceted learning aids that are adapted to suit the students‘ learning abilities
– to create iBooks which fits to the pupils needs
– to gain copyright-free images and videos
– to work offline with iPads to reduce the infrastructural costs

Co-authoring by students takes place whenever students create a product that may be, but not necessarily has to be, used as a teaching or learning aid. The product should possess a distinctive learning value for the authors and promote a dialogue as part of the feedback process.

At our school, we practise this method utilizing iPads and iMovie software (for writing, dictating, filming, cutting, and selecting photos).

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Authoring Learning Learning Aid

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